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Car Accidents

Accidents don’t “just happen,” they have a cause. That cause may be the negligence of a driver other than yourself.

The large number of vehicles on the road make car accidents almost inevitable when these vehicles are handled without care. The most common type of personal injury cases result from car accidents that can be caused by many different factors. 

We depend on our fellow drivers to operate their vehicles safely and attentively. We trust that they are obeying traffic laws and that they are fully insured and are properly maintaining their vehicles.  We all insist that they are not driving impaired, whether from the influence of alcohol, drugs, drowsiness, or distractions like cell phones and radios.  All drivers are expected to be responsible and uphold these obligations.  Unfortunately, that is not always the case. 

The police officers handling an accident scene have a very difficult job. Their priorty may be to assist those involved, clear a busy roadway, or coordinate with Emerency Services to ensure proper medical attention is received. They may not have the resources to figure out who is at fault. An officer’s car accident report may not be the final word on the case.

Investigating Car Accidents Before Evidence is Wiped Away

If you’ve been in an automobile wreck, call our local accident attorneys right away. We will conduct a competent, thorough investigation of the accident before evidence is compromised. Broken glass, skid marks, damaged or missing signage, blood, and damage to the vehicles themselves tend to disappear or get repaired quickly. You must  act quickly or you may hurt your chances of a successful recovery.

Taking On Insurance Companies in Court

When you pursue legal action against a negilgent driver, they will be represented by their insurance company. Liability insurance carriers have experienced lawyers that defend hundreds of these cases each year. You need an experienced attorney that can go toe to toe with the insrance company lawyers and effectively resolve your case, whether through settlement or verdict, for the highest amount possible.

The insurance company will gauge the value of your claim by your willingness and ability to go to trial. You need to show the insurance company that you have a lawyer who has the resources and the experience to succeed at trial. We know how to deal with the big insurance companies and have a proven record as successful trial lawyers.

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