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Construction Injuries

Dependable, Knowledgeable Construction Injury Attorneys

Construction work can be dangerous. Serious injuries or even death can occur due to another party’s negligence. If this has happened to you or your fanily,  you need to contact an experienced construction accident attorney immediately.

State and federal regulations, including those set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) can make construction site accidents very complex. Remedies available to you can also vary depending on whether you were a contractor, a subcontractor or an employee when you were injured. The emoloyer may not be up to date on their workers’ compensation insurace, firther complicating the situation.

Our construction law attorneys at the Jim Ross Law Group include former construction defense attorneys who know how construction companies operate. We have the knowledge and the experience in this highly complex area of law to help you win a fair recovery for your injuries.

Construction Accidents Have A Variety Of Causes

Many accidents are the result of manufacturers defects, improper maintenance, insufficient training, or poor supervision of those operating heavy equipment. In some cases, emoloyers taking short cuts in the constructiob process can have devestating consequences. For example, something as simple as the failure to use grout to support columns can cause devastating damage and serious injuries, as was the case with a recent parking garage collapse in Houston.

Finally, it can be more attractive for a construction company to risk the “slap on the wrist” fines from an OSHA violation, even those that result in death, than invest in the time and effort to do the job correctly and safely.

If the negligence of others led to a construction accident impacting you or your family, you need an attorney with the experience and the knowledge to uncover all possible causes and every responsible party. The attorneys at the Jim Ross Law Group have the experience and resources to handle cases involving employer negligence, OSHA violations and/or manufacturer liability for defective products and equipment.

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