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Dog Bite Injury

Sometimes an encounter with “man’s best friend” may result in an unpleasant injury. If you have suffered from a dog bite, you may be able to recover damages by filing a legal claim. In the State of Texas, the violent actions of a canine are the legal responsibility of the dog owner. Bringing these claims is not always a straightforward process. Retaining an experienced personal injury attorney will help ensure the best possible results.

Dog Attack Law Firm Advocating For Victims

The team at Jim Ross Law Group will pursue claims against the dog owner and his or her insurer. The success of your case is not dependent on the type of animal in question. A dog that has been trained for security or considered a “dangerous breed” does not absolve the owner from their responsibilities.

Instances where you may have a dog bite claim include:

  • An owner failing to restrain the dog
  • Attack from an unleashed dog
  • Failure to maintain adequate fencing
  • Leaving a door open allowing the dog to escape

Having a dog attack and bite you is not only a painful experience, it can also be highly traumatic. Call the team at Jim Ross Law immediately to make sure you understand your legal rights. 

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