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Drunk Driving Accidents

When someone gets behind the wheel of a car while impaired, the risk of them causing a tragic accident increases dramatically. These are accidents that never should have happened.  When they do, it is especialy important to hold the responsible party accountable. The outcome of these accidents can be tragic, changing the lives of the victims and their families forever.

Holding the Drunk Driver and His or Her Insurance Company Accountable

At the Jim Ross Law Group, we help victims of drunk driving accidents put the pieces of their lives back together. Our attorneys are known for their aggressive legal advocacy and ability to obtain favorable settlement and verdicts.

Increasingly, the criminal justice system does not go easy on drunk drivers, nor should they.  We don’t go easy on their insurance companies.  Our expert drunk driving accident lawyers will use evry tool at our disposal to establish your claim and hold the drunk driver accountable. We routinely work with accident-scene reconstructionists, toxicologists, witnesses and medical specialists to prove liability and establish fair settlement demands.

Dram Shop Laws: Proving Additional Liability in Your Drunk Driving Accident Claim

Liability may not end with the drunk river and their insurance company, there may be other parties who are indirectly responsible, as well. When an obviously intoxicated patron continues to be served, and that person later causes an accident, the bar and its owners can be held liable through dram shop laws. In these bar liability cases, it is crucial to get an attorney involved right away in order to secure the necessary evidence.

Attorney Jim Ross has extensive experience winning dram shop cases. Recently, he won a $2.4-million judgment for his client against a bar that over-served a drunk patron. A proven track record of success is the best indicator of attorney’s ability to achieve results.

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