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Pedestrian & Bicycle Accidents

Serving Bike and Pedestrian Accident Victims

In the ufortunate event you are injured by a vehicle while riding a bicycle or as a pedestrian, the insurance company may compound your suffering by claiming you were the one at fault. They may say you were the one in the “wrong place” or were not obeying traffic laws, resulting in the accident. In cases like this, it is even more important that you contact the experienced team at Jim Ross Law Group so that we can fight on your behalf. 

Powerful Legal Advocacy During Your Time of Need

At times like these, you need a lawyer who understands the tactics insurance companies will use to underpay you. As a pedestrian or bicyclist, if you are hit by a car, truck or motorcycle, your injuries are likely to be severe and the medical treatment costly. Our lawyers understand what is at stake in your claim. We are not afraid to push for trial when that is the only way to get results. That attorney is Jim Ross.

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