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Trucking Accidents

Helping You Find Closure After A Trucking Accident

We share the road with trucks every day. They are the life blood of our supply chain, keeping goods moving across the country and keeping our economy moving.  Unfortunately, tragedy can occur when a truck is involved in an accident with other motorists. 

It’s far too common that the cause of a trucking accident rests with the trucking company itself. In the pursuit of a larger profit, they may put everyone in danger by cutting costs, ignoring safety measures and breaking the law.

Truck accidents can be catastrophic causing loss of income, severe injuries, emotional trauma, and even loss of life.  Many times, a trucking company’s aggressive insurance provider can make finding closure nearly impossible without a strong truck accident lawyer in your corner. 

The trucking accident injury attorneys at The Jim Ross Law Group investigate the cause of trucking accidents to hold unscrupulous trucking companies responsible and restore our client’s damages. There is no cost unless we’re successful.

Common Causes Of Truck Accidents In Texas

Unsafe operations by negligent trucking companies are simply accidents waiting to happen. An unsafe truck on our Texas roads is a huge and dangerous machine sharing the road with much smaller and vulnerable vehicles. There are many common truck accident causes in which a trucking company is at fault.

Unsafe Load – The truck might have been overloaded beyond the federally mandated weight limits for truck cargo. Overloading can turn a truck into an unbalanced and uncontrollable force.

Driver Fatigue And Speeding – Trucking companies may demand that their operators (truck drivers) break the law, putting everyone in danger. This could mean exceeding the speed limit to make the next delivery on time, or driving without the rest as required by law.

Truck Maintenance – Due to the sheer size of a truck, trucking companies are responsible for a higher standard of maintenance than personal vehicles. If one component of a truck’s maintenance goes overlooked, it can cause a devastating truck accident.

Truck Equipment – Sometimes the cause of a truck accident is due to failure of a certain aspect of truck equipment. Tire, brake or transmission failure may suggest negligence on the part of the equipment manufacturer.

Trucking Accident Injury Attorneys Take Swift Action To Investigate

With there are many factors that can contribute to an 18-wheeler accident, it can be difficult to identify the responsible party. Is the trucking company, truck owner, operator or equipment manufacturer at fault? After a devastating accident, each of these parties may begin pointing fingers at each other as a stall tactic until evidence of the accident’s cause has disappeared.

Time is of the essence. If you or someone you know has been in a truck accident, call our Texas trucking accident injury attorneys as soon as possible. The Jim Ross Law Group investigates the actual cause of a truck accident swiftly, and then cuts through the finger pointing to hold the responsible party accountable.

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